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Part of 'The Lewisham Care Partnership'

St Johns Medical Centre

56-60 Loampit Hill
Lewisham, London
SE13 7SX
Telephone: 020 8692 1354
Fax: 020 8694 1434


If you have a test (such as blood or urine tests, smears, or X-rays), you must contact the practice for the results.

How long should I wait?

  • Blood and urine tests (excluding pregnancy tests)

    Please phone after 1 week. If the result needs urgent action, the Doctor will usually act upon it sooner. However you should always phone for results - don't rely on us to get in touch.
  • Pregnancy tests

    These are not done routinely, as home testing kits are available from pharmacies. If a test is carried out at the practice the results are usually available on the next working day.
  • X-rays

If your x-ray is ordered by your GP, you may be told to contact the practice for the result. These are usually available after 2 - 3 days after your x-ray. Please ask to discuss with the GP who ordered the x-ray and the Receptionist will try to make a phone consultation for you when that GP is available.

If a consultant requests an X-ray for you, it can be 6 - 8 weeks before your Doctor has these results.

  • Smear tests

Results of smear tests are usually available after 3 - 4 weeks. A letter with the results will be posted to you, but please contact us if you have not received this after 8 weeks.

Obtaining test results

Please phone:

  • Monday to Friday - please call between 12 & 3pm
  • The main practice number (020 8692 1354)

Admin staff or the Doctor who ordered your test can give most results over the phone or in person. Results can only be given to the patient themselves.

What does it mean?

Administration staff are unable to interpret results and usually they can only say whether results are 'normal' or whether you need to make an appointment to discuss it further with a doctor.  Sometimes, the Doctor will have issued and left a prescription, e.g. if test results show an infection.

If you have any further questions, please ask to speak to the Nurse or Doctor who originally requested the test.



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